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Social2s (Social in 2 steps) is a Joomla! plugin to share your web pages within the most popular social networks: twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, google+, tumblr and VK.

Social as fast as light

Social2s is focused on being fast.

Regular social buttons have a lot of scripts. Even if you load them asynchronously, your webpage suffers a download time. Social2s doesn't load those files if is not required, so your download time will be reduced and the web will be more responsive.

Social2s v4 uses its own reduced font set and JQuery, preloaded from Joomla core or from many extensions so it is highly probable that your webpage doesn't need to reload those scripts again.

We have been very careful with details: social2s is html5 w3c fully compatible.


 Protect your users

76 percent of websites now contain hidden Google trackers, and 24 percent have hidden Facebook trackers according with the Princeton Web Transparency & Accountability Project.

Social2s doesn't load scripts until it is necessary and that contributes to block the tracks.

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s2s customizations

 Tons of customizations

Every webpage is different. With Social 2s you can customize every aspects of your social buttons: colours, shapes, positions, define what social network you want to show...

You can define the position of the icons and its visibility.

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s2s opengraph

OpenGraph and Twitter Card native

You can define what to share with Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter Card.

s2s eucookie

European Union Cookie Law Support

The stupid cookie law requires a message in every European webpage. Social2s do it for you.

s2s 100

The greatest score

Social2s has a 100/100 score in extensions.joomla.org

s2s autoupdate

Don't miss the new features

Social2s uses the Joomla! update system.


s2s debug

 Remove the bug

Social2s is very flexible and adapts to many scenarios.

To control exactly what is shared, it has a very useful debug and opengraph system.

 Responsive features

Social2s counts with a lot of responsive features to get a perfect fit in your mobile web.

s2s only mobile

You can modify the mobile behavior in sticky position, fill the width, hide the text buttons...

s2s responsive

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