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The installation of JT Totalmenu is very simple. Once on your Joomla! backend, go to Extensions->Extension Manager->Install->Upload Package File. Then choose the previously downloaded file (you can download it here) and click "upload and install"


To set up Totalmenu You have to go to Extensions->Modules and click on the "New" button. Now you have to select "JT | totalmenu" from the module list.


General Options:

  • Development vs production: when you are modifying and customize the module options, you must activate "Development" to see the changes in your webpage. Once you are happy with the configuration, use the "production" mode to speed up the loading.
  • Mode: Menu is the default mode. It will get the menú elementos from your selection. Cateogory will select a list of articles from the category and will build a menu with them.
    • Menu: select the menu to get the items from it.
    • Menu active: you can select the active item or just select the current.
    • Start level: the start level within the menu will build.
    • End menu: the level in wich the menu will stop digging.
    • Show children: if yes, the menu will show children.
    • Category: choose the categories to build the menu.
    • Include children: includes children categories.
    • Date as menu: show date as menu item. Useful to display ordered blog items.
    • Date element: select the elements to display.
    • Category link: if yes, the category will be a link.
    • Show features: shows featured articles.
    • Order by and sorting: order and sort the articles by the defined option.
  • Debug: displays the debug information.

Assignments, notes and Permissions:

That tabs are defined by Joomla!


  • Unique name: the identifier of the module. It is important because the name of the files generated are associated with that identifier. Must be unique to avoid errors if you have more than one Totalmenu module.
  • z-index: defines de Z position of the module.
  • Custom Color: You can define custom colors to specific menu item. In Menu -> Link Class, use tmcustom tmbgffffff tma123456 where tmbg+hex color is the background color and  tma+hex is the color.
  • Force load CSS: Forces css loading to prevent cache. Recommended only for development purposes


You can display your brand in the left of the menu. It is usual to find a logo in the right part of the menu so Totalmenu incoorporated this option.


Brand file: your logo file (prefered in webp or svg).

Fallback file: if the browser doesn't support the main image, the fallback file will display this file.


Detection: choose the method of detection. Based on device, or based on media queries (recommended).




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